Monday, December 12, 2011

Hello everyone! I just wanted to share a recipe I found recently to make Cinnamon ornaments! It is so easy!

you need:
3/4 cups applesauce ( just the normal type, I used the no added sugar kind)
4 oz, or 1 bottle ground cinnamon
cookie cutters
rolling pin, or something that can be used as such
plastic wrap
drinking straw/skewer to make a small hole in the dough
cookie sheet
Preheat oven to 200'F

Monday, November 28, 2011

Harvest soup

I decided to make this soup the other day, and it was delicious!!!

1 can corn, drained
3 potatoes medium sized, peeled and diced
3-4 carrots peeled and chopped
1 small onion (about the size of a 10 year olds fist)
3 chicken breasts, boneless, skinless, cubed.
1 container Swanson brand chicken broth, or any other kind would work too I guess
Garlic Powder
Crock Pot

In your crock pot, combine the corn, potatoes, onion, carrots and broth along with the herbs and spices. Set on High for 6 hours. Turn to low and cook overnight.

The next morning add in the chicken and cook on low until dinner time
You will need to taste test this throughout the day for salt content, but other than that it is easy!!!

Serve over a bed of rice or egg noodles


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Make your own Dream catchers!

Dream catchers are a wonderful tool, they are filled with magick and are an old Native American creation, it was believed that the good dreams would know the way through the webbing and the complicated turns, but the evil and bad dreams would not, they would be trapped like a fly in a spiders web.

Explaining how to thread a dream catcher is a lot harder than it actually is, a dreamcatcher is one long string and it uses the same stitch the whole way through.

Follow this link to learn how to do it, as they explained it better than I ever could!

Using what is around you to create

Today I was relaxing with a dear friend Mags, and we were discussing the beauty of Paganism and all that that implies. We decided to take a walk around my area. I live near a golfcourse, not the most obvious place to find Nature, but at least it's something.

as we were walking we discovered wonderful things, ponds, trees with fruit we didn't know existed, a small grove of Banana's (thanks Gwen Stefani for teaching the world to spell that) we also found a wonderful old Maple Tree...In the heart of this Golf Course in Central Florida!

I of course gathered some for my herb collection to use in my magic, and it made me think about creation and creating beautiful things with what we have.

With my new found knowledge of what surrounds me, I wonder, What do you create with what is around you? Why go through the trouble of running off to the craft store when there is so much more to find in your own backyard? Find something creative and share it with the world!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Just in time for Samhain!

I love Samhain, or Halloween as it is known in the Mundane world. The colors, the atmosphere, the candy...But this year, I am a housewife and I wanted to find things that would look grownup, but still appeal to the kid in me. I was perusing the internets looking for inspiration and I came across this cute little craft idea!

What you need:
Melon Baller
Paring knife
T-lite with metal cup
lemon juice

The steps:
wash your apples and dry

Using the metal cup that came on your t-lite, lay it on the top of the apple, where the stem is

Trace around the cup with your paring knife creating a circle in the apple flesh.

using the melon baller carve out the inside of the apple so the t-lite candle (minus the cup) will fit inside, you can do this deep so it is inside the apple, or shallow so the wick sticks out the top.

Carve a small jack-o-lantern face on the front of the apple, like you would a pumpkin but don't go all the way through the apple, think etching rather than cutting.

use the lemon juice and apply it everywhere there is open flesh, this will keep it from browning and spoiling. You can even sprinkle cinnamon on the inside of the apple so it will scent when you burn the candle inside.

Place your unlit candle inside and light! There you have it, a cute Apple Jack-o-lantern!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cauldron from a Can

Samhain (Halloween) is right around the corner in the Northern Hemisphere, so we witches need to get our cauldrons ready to go! had this great project making a cauldron out of an old green bean can. I embellished it a little and I hope you enjoy!

What you'll need:

  • empty can, the cans used for single servings of vegetables work best. 
  • 3 Small wooden beads
  • Tacky glue
  • 3 Large wooden beads
  • Gray paint or Gesso
  • Black paint
  • Paint brush
  • Waxed paper or plastic bag (to protect work area)
  • Metal Wire (for handle)
  • Hammer and Nail

How to make it:

  1. Remove label, wash, rinse container.
  2. fill container with water and freeze overnight or until fully frozen
  3. Once frozen using hammer and nail, make a hole near the opening to thread the wire through. Do this on both sides. 
  4. Now run the can under warm water to get the ice cube out. 
  5. Dry the can thoroughly
  6. Lay out waxed paper or plastic bag (turn wrong side out) to protect work surface.
  7. Paint container and beads with gray/black paint. Let dry. You may need to apply an additional coat. Let dry.
  8. Turn container upside down and glue on beads, evenly spacing around the outside bottom of the container. Let dry.
  9. Turn container over and to create the handle, create a C shape on each end of the wire, and thread through the holes made with the nail. Pinch in place with pliers. 
  10. You now have a cute little cauldron to place candy, candles, whatever you wish inside!
Pictures to follow soon!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Herbs and their uses

Today I am going to talk to you about Herbs and their magickal uses. This is part of a 2 part series and is going to be followed up with the culinary uses of a shorter list of herbs, (there are a lot, so just bear with me)

Acacia : Protection, Psychic Powers, Money and Love Spells
Adam & Eve Roots : Love, Happiness
Adders Tongue : Healing
African Violet : Spirituality, Protection
Agaric : Fertility
Agrimony : Protection, Sleep
Ague Root : Protection
Alfalfa : Prosperity, Anti-Hunger, Money
Alkanet : Purification, Prosperity
Allspice : Money, Luck, Healing